5 Advantages to hire a Wedding planner in Italy

Italy is your destination wedding?
You could have not chosen a better destination wedding in the whole world!
Italy is the first country in Europe and the second in the world as destination wedding.
Fabulous locations, breathtaking venues, excellent weather, exquisite food are just some of the reasons for choosing Italy as a destination wedding. Last but not least, Italy is also a perfect opportunity for a holiday / finding for both the couple and the guests.
Once the decision was made, there is a heap of stuff and suppliers to look for.
Internet seems to be the solution for everything but soon one might realize that not all the suppliers involved are fluent in English, that the distances and the territory are not so easy to understand in order to choose the perfect venue. And the bureaucracy? Is live music permitted in every venue in the outdoor spaces? What will be the right catering to choose from?
All this could discourage the couple and create a great confusion and stopping in the worst case the wedding organization .
But no worries!  The Italian Wedding Planners have the situation under control and will help you organize the best wedding ever.
And here are 5 good reasons to choose a local wedding planner:
1) the first reason to choose a wedding planner is that he/she knows all the necessary steps and times for organizing a wedding in Italy, saving you time and money. How is that?
– providing you suppliers in line with your taste and budget
– negotiating with the suppliers in order to obtain the best organizational and economic conditions
– He/She is fluent in English and Italian mother tongue, essential characteristic for managing Italian suppliers and bureaucracy
2) the second reason to choose a wedding planner is the guarantee to use only professional and already tested suppliers in order to avoid bad surprises ensuring excellent quality standards; remember that suppliers are always willing of making concessions to wedding planners that will make them work also in other weddings than the couple who once married will not return …
3) the third reason to choose a wedding planner is the perfect knowledge of the territory, he/she will advise you on the best venues and will be crystal clear about the airport connections or other services you are interested in;
4) the fourth reason to choose a wedding planner is the day-of coordination in order to:
– coordinate the suppliers
– take care of small or big issue that may occur
– manage the timeline of the event making sure that everything flows smoothly and will not fall to pieces running a little bit ahead or behind
You would not want to think and worry about the suppliers or shuttles being late, right?
5) the fifth reason to choose a wedding planner is to fully enjoy every moment of your big day.
Good luck!

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