How to get glowing flawless skin?

We are all dreaming of beautiful, glowing and smooth face and body skin.

And if you are a bride to be or are about to celebrate an important event, the dream of having a beautiful skin becomes even more important.

Often, however, due to our everyday routine, splitting ourselves between work and family commitments or just an incorrect diet our skin appears dull, thickened and rough to the touch.

Chatting with friends, observing people on the street (especially in summer time with short dresses) and seeing our brides in the dressing rooms of the atelier, we realized that often the basics of a beautiful skin is missing and that is a good exfoliation of both the face and body.
Here are some tips for glowing and beautiful skin:
  • When should we exfoliate?
We start from the face, each skin has its specific needs, if you have oily or mixed skin you can eliminate dead cells twice a week, if you have a normal or sensitive skin will be enough once a week.
For the body the frequency will be one to two times a week.
Personally we suggest you to save time taking advantage of a shower or a bath, perfect time to eliminate the dead cells of your body.
  • Can we use the same products for face and body?
The answer is no.
Below are some products suitable for the face.
 SOHA SARDINIA SCRUB FACE DUAL PEELING, formulated with Obsidian extract, its tiny microbeads first remove dead-skin cells, second a concentrated blend of Lemon and Orange Fruit extracts provides a gentle exfoliation. Perfect for all skin types. Without Parabens. Price € 40.00.
REPECHAGE RAPIDEX MARINE EXFOLIATOR WITH PHYTO-MARINE ACTIVES, formulated with phyto-marine and natural fruit acids, helps to reduce the brown spots due to aging and discoloration. It makes the skin smooth, soft and radiant. To be used after the evening cleansing. Price € 87.00
For the body this are our tips:
 ALMA K MILKY DELICATE BODY SCRUB, the exfoliating blend contains vegetable oils, shea butter and Dead Sea water enriched with fine microbeads able to remove impurities. Price € 19.95
COLLISTAR TONING TALASSO-SCRUB , regenerating exfoliating salts with essential oils and juniper extract that has excellent toning and relaxing properties. Price € 47.90
SKIN AND CO GOMMAGE BODY TRUFFLE TERAPY, the essential oils release anti-blemish and soothing properties, while the apricot kernel powder gently smoothes the skin and moisturizes it at the same time. The truffle scent gives a sweet, luxurious fragrance that recalls the bond with the earth. Price € 26.00

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