What to wear to a wedding : 6 outfits ideas to avoid mistakes

What to wear to a wedding ? This is the question! We’re gonna help you with 6 outfits ideas to avoid mistakes in such an important event.
White jacket and black skirt, this is how a guest come in to the last wedding we attended. Help!!!
Never wear white or black to a wedding.

We’re gonna give you some important do’s and don’ts for wedding guests! If you are looking for ideas as a bride instead, take a look at our articles: Poetic Bridal Hair Accessories or Rosa Clara’: Preview Collection 2019

A wedding is not an ordinary event, everybody knows that, yet too often guests are unprepared, wearing clothes completely out of place, out of time, with no taste or style at all!
What to wear to a wedding then?
In order to help you with that, we decided to visit Atelier Daphne Milano Milano to hear stylist Daniela Del Cima’s opinion on wedding guests outfit dos and don’ts and also
to try out some amazing dresses that can be the inspiration for your next wedding attire.
Daniela Del Cima welcomes us in her charming atelier where romantic wedding dresses are quietly hunging but also a multitude of formal dresses for guests, witnesses and couple’s mothers.
We sit down for a pleasant chat in her office and we explain the reason of our visit. She thanks us for trying to make some light about this topic because she also perceives the guests confusion
on what to wear to a wedding and she believes that giving guidelines is always welcomed.
But how to choose the right dress?
First thing to do is carefully read the invitation that will indicate:
–  the type of ceremony
–  the location (a Villa will require a certain outfit, a Farmhouse a different one)
 – the fil rouge, the common thread chosen by the couple
If this last one doesn’t emerge from the invitation, you can ask the couple (for example, if they chose a color for all the settings or outfits or a particular mood).
Once you have all these elements, it will be easier to understand the wedding tone and hence to choose the appropriate outfit and accessories.
And here is a list of wedding guest outfit dos and don’ts that will help you:
1.Do go for pastel and neutral clothes for both day and evening weddings.
All shades of bordeaux, blue, forest green, lilac, light yellow, pink, beige and pearl gray are perfect.
2. Yes to the clothes that enhance your femininity
1. No to striking and bright colors for all seasons: black, red, acid yellow, violet and of course no to white that is the color of the bride.
2. No to the sexy style, plunging neckline, transparencies and vertiginous heels
3. avoid pants
4 No to very short dresses.
And after our lovely chat, we personally tried on some of her dresses so we can show them to you and get the inspiration for what  to wear to a wedding.
The first outfit is perfect for guests invited to a wedding:
  • in a Villa
  • in a Castle
  • in a Historic Building
  • in a Grand Hotel

What to wear to a wedding:
  • in a Villa
  • in a Castle
  • in a restaurant
  • in an estate

What to wear to a wedding:
  • at the sea
  • at the lake
  • on an island

What to wear to a wedding:
  • in a vineyard
  • on the beach
  • in any rural context


The fifth outfit is perfect for guests invited to an autumn or winter wedding:
  • in a Villa
  • in a Castle
  • in a Historic Building
  • in a Grand Hotel

Thank to Daphne Atelier
Photographer Pascal Derre

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