Getting married in the woods: when a fairy tale comes true

We enjoy going to visit the venues that invite us to their Open Day, and when they say there is the possibility of getting married in the woods in Italy, we certainly cannot miss the opportunity to join this experience!

Today is one of those days that invites you to stay inside: pouring rain, puddles everywhere, never-ending humidity, cold …. but immediately in our minds the images of the structure that were on the invitation appear like a vision and are so unique that we certainly can’t give up this appointment.

We drive by Biella and the rain disappears, the clear view of the mountains show us the way and after just 15 minutes we arrive at the venue.

It is a historical house in a delightful small village.

Crossing the threshold, a vintage stove welcomes us with its pleasant warmth, making us feel like home in the cozy and comfortable environment.

We leave our coats at the beautiful entrance inspired by the owners travels, and we start the tour.

We are immediately guided through the common areas that can be rented for events up to 40 people such as:

     Wine tasting
     Corporate events in general

By the end of 2020, a new area will be available called the “Barn” and can host up to 120 people.

In every single common area everything is taken care of in the smallest detail and most part of the furniture, paintings and decorative objects belong to the owner’s family who strongly wanted them here in order to give the environment a pleasant feeling of home.

But let’s talk about the weddings.

The ceremony can be symbolic or civil and the set up in the middle of the woods create an evocative and romantic effect and getting maried in the woods in Italy can be one of the most unique experience in your life.

In the well area an aperitif can be organized to continue enjoying the trees coolness.

Lunch or dinner can be set up externally or in the internal dining room.

The historic residence host people in 18 rooms (14 deluxe rooms, 3 suites and 1 single room) all so charming and characteristic and furnished with great taste. Each room is decorated with unique charm objects, the result of the owners’ collection born from the passion for travel and discover far away worlds.

Four rooms have been named after the continents and one after the ice kingdom:



The venue can be rented for the day of the event only or rented exclusively for two or three days.

We didn’t wanted to leave this wonderful place, but we hope to return soon.

Do you want to celebrate your wedding here? Contact us at


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