The team

Daniela Gafforelli, Wedding/event Planner and Co-Founder Visionnaire Wedding

Daniela Gafforelli

Wedding/event Planner and Co-Founder

Daniela, one of the two co-founders of Visionnaire is a Wedding and Event Planner.
She loves to create beauty and unique, once in a lifetime events. She’s happily married and have a wonderful son.

Adriana Adam

Marketing Manager and Co-Founder

Adriana is one of the two co-founders of Visionnaire. She’s in charge of the international market and she’s helping Daniela in the event planning. She has a dog named Gala.

Adriana Adam, Marketing Manager and Co-Founder Visionnaire Wedding
Valentina Mey, Music Planner and Singer

Valentina Mey

Music Planner and Singer

On stage from the age of 12, Valentina moved to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career. There, she trained professionally under internationally-recognized vocal coaches.
During this time, she had the privilege of meeting talented artists such as Ray Charles, James Brown, Seth Riggs, and Beppe Cantarelli. She was inspired by these and others of the greatest pop, motown, and smooth jazz artists. Her personal style showcases her incredible vocal versatility, which complements a variety of genres.
Valentina is both an artist and a “music designer”. She brainstorms musical concepts, coordinates the behind-the-scenes aspect of show business, and works with the rest of the team to provide tailored music solutions for all types of events. She specializes in music for luxury events, and her clients include notable personalities from the worlds of fashion, politics, and show business, both in Italy and overseas.

Paola Fini

Private Tailor

Paola has been in the men’s tailoring industry for years. As a result, she has a dedicated following of selective clients who utilize her tailoring and personal styling services.
Paola is a traveling tailor who values her clients’ time calling herself a private tailor with the suitcase always ready. She visits them in their homes and offices, whether in Italy or abroad, to make the experience of getting one of her unique made-to-measure garments as convenient as possible.
She has created wedding attire for royal marriages, as well as for many other customers who rely on her advice to express their own style and personality with the traditional elegance of Italian tailoring.

Paola Fini, Private Tailor
Fabio, Hairstylist and Make up Artist


Hairstylist and Make up Artist

After years of training in Milan, the undisputed capital of Italian fashion, Fabio, hair stylist in New York, began his career opening two saloons in the heart of Milan.
Fabio always remembers his years in Milan as the most productive time thanks to his collaboration with Vogue Italy, Sky, Mediaset.
He felts in love with New York and a newyorker and after commuting between Milan an the Big Apple, he decided to make the big step: getting married and moved.
“I love this job because I am able to enhance the individual beauty. Every cut is unique. It must create harmony with the face, brighten colors, respect the health of the hair”.
There’s no cut, color that is not subject to his strict and straight judgment.
His favourite story is “The Ugly Duckling”.
The favourite story about him is watching Fabio’s eyes while he sees a woman smiling in the mirror.



Alessandra is a photographer who specializes in weddings and events. She has been passionate about photography from a young age. In 2010 she started her own agency, with a focus on the elegance and femininity of women. She is inspired by cultural diversity, and has photographed weddings from Italy to the United Arab Emirates. She loves to tell modern fairytales, and to preserve these magical memories through her work. She lets the emotions and mood of each photo shoot guide her, thereby capturing the genuine essence of the moment.

Alessandra Photographer
Cinzia, Photographer



Cinzia is a London-based wedding and portrait photographer. She is originally from a lovely medieval hill town in central Italy. She is fascinated by people and visually engaged by films. She treasures the value of memories. She is inspired by the uniqueness of each and every human being, and the relationship between individuals. She is interested in truth, and intrigued by the charm of imperfection. Cinzia loves to collaborate with people who share her values and her appreciation for the beauty of genuine emotions. She is a free-spirit, an eclectic artist, and a very curious person.



Federico is an Italian photographer who has been professionally active for over 10 years, based in Milan. Federico loves weddings and yes day’s  emotions. He prefers reportage, capturing moments as a movie sequences.

Federico, Photographer
Simone, Videoghapher



Simone has a long experience in the field, loves the magics of weddings and exciting events, as told through videos and photos in a Motion Emotions and atmosphere that the customer lives. 
Reportage style and his attitude discrete and attentive makes him invisible to the eyes of the guests, he loves to capture the moments, expressions that last a second, the detail that makes the difference.


Ghaphic Designer

Daniele works on ideas, on a project, through a creative process that led him to create an invitation unique and exclusive.
The reality is that every person is unique; every person is the event! Is on this concept that Daniel works, to propose solutions that tell, with graphics and images, the mood and personality of the couple. Starting with ideas, colors, themes and desires is a project developed ad hoc. There are no limits. Without losing sight of taste and elegance, remains only the imagination and the desire to undress from anonymity and to say: Our Invitation is Unique as us!

Daniele, Ghaphic Designer
Claudia, Flower designer and Interior decorator


Flower designer and Interior decorator

Over 30 years of experience in floral and interior design, distinguished by an unique style full of poetry and ease.
Her inspirational source, nature, drives her to use a vast variety of materials and texture and start new trends.